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Autonomous University of Lancaster

Welcome to the Wiki of AUL - the Autonomous University of Lancaster, which is kindly hosted by the Knowledge Lab. The Aim of AUL is to help people from Lancaster to educate themselves. AUL does not have any hierarchy! If you like to participate in any activity of AUL, just join! Don't hesitate to use the AUL banner to carry out projects for you and your friends. More about this you can find at the pages on the history and philosophy of AUL and about organisational questions.

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Programme Spring 2010

A one day gathering in Spring 2010 called The Will and The Tyranny of The Many, taking as a point of departure a chapter titled “Consensus is Oppression: Creating Conflictive Democracy through Global Movement Networks” in the recent book by Marianne Maeckelberg called The Will of the Many, "describes an alternative form of global democracy in the making" - and the work of Bill Cooke et al. collected in Participation: The New Tyranny?, which is a study that "study shows how particpatory development can lead to the unjust and illegitimate exercise of power. The book addresses the gulf between the almost universally fashionable rhetoric of participation, empowerment and appropriate development, and what actually happens in practice.."

Future and past events

We should use this list of suggested future topics. Add your ideas on this list. For professional help with research ideas, get professional help. In 2005, 2006 and 2007 several events in several streams took place.

For instance a series of talks on alternatives to the mainstream economy entitled 'CuttingLoose'

Be part of the collective!

Join the mailing list to collaboratively create an autonomous university. And maybe add yourself to the volunter network. Perhaps try a related chat space where questions can be asked, ideas exchanged for research papers, academic writing: #research quick link:

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