Autonomous Spaces for Knowledge

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spaces for autonomous knowledgeproduction &-transfer:

Do we need special spaces for elaborating and thinking critique against dominance? How could such spaces and places look like? What kind of framework does autonomous knowledgeproduction and -transfer need? How do we organize autonomous spaces in a way as to guarantee and promote autonomy?

  • Cultural Centres and Squats as spaces of knowledgeproduction and -transfer
  • Knowledge inside and about autonomous Cultural Centres, Squats etc.
  • Which knowledge is disseminated in autonomous spaces and which knowledge is produced there?

Virtual spaces:

What opportunities are arising from wikis, fora, blogs etc. in their function as autonomous communication spaces? Which relevance do we assign to open-source-software in the context of social movements? Where and how do virtual and material spaces meet and which is the relevance of one and the other?

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