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Care in Educational Institutions, Care in Practice, Sat afternoon
ADOPTER Mike Gallagher
FACILITATOR(S) Mike will happily take the lead in facilitating, but would also appreciate help. Add your name in here.
DESCRIPTION An interactive discussion session about the role of care in educational institutions, particularly (but not limited to) schools and universitites. I will introduce the session with a few brief reflections on his experiences of caring and uncaring practices in:

(a) ethnographic research in a primary school (b) his doctoral supervision and (c) post doctoral research work in a university context

I envisage that this will lead into some small group exercises to get things going and then a big group discussion. At the end of the session, if participants agree that this is useful, we might focus our thinking on some practical things that we could do to make the educational institutions with which we are involved more caring places.

This session is open to everyone and anyone with an interest in education, teaching, learning, schools, FE, HE, academia, etc. Come along and bring your ideas.