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DIY Health Projects, Care in Practice, Sat morning
FACILITATOR(S) it would be good to identify facilitators in advance! enter names here

DIY Health Projects - discussion of various projects ranging from women's health to action medics to specific examples like the New Orleans Common Ground free clinic

The research is exciting in itself as an excuse to look at all the inspiring things people are doing internationally. :)

I'd love for other people to get involved in this workshop / discussion. 
Whether you have experience or just interest. Whatever angle you're coming from. 
I'd especially like someone with more experience of the Women's Health movement.

Who am I?

I first got trained as an action medic in 2002 having been involved in Anarchism, direct action and summit hopping. Since then I've got further training and a couple of years back decided to study nursing.

I "adopted" this workshop partly as an excuse to look deeper into things that interest me in preparation - Common Ground and other examples of how the byproducts of summit hopping and activist culture can be applied to community based struggle - but also because I'd be interested in hearing other people's experiences, thoughts and ideas.

Reading list (not compulsory!)

  • Homage to Catalonia (George Orwell) He describes what happened to the injured in the International Brigades in the absense of any first aid treatment on the ground. A lot died because basic wound care and nursing was not available on the front line. I think that there's a lot we need to learn from civil struggles and uprisings in the past. What worked, what could ave been better.

I'll put more links and reading material up as I do more research

Questions that I've been asking other action medics

  • why you got involved with actionmedics?
  • why you stay involved (or not!)?
  • what you think is or should be the balance between caring and technical skills?
  • what you see as the future possibilities for the action medic movement?
  • what have been your best (and worse, I guess) moments as an action medic?
  • Have your skills as a medic enabled you to support longterm communities?

If there are overhead type facilities I'll be showing photos - please can someone confirm if that will be possible?

Is anyone else planning to / interested in also doing this topic? Or are there particular things that folks would like to find out about that I can go off and research in the meantime?

Is somebody else able to talk about women's health as I've only been along to a couple of workshops about it and don't know any detail about the movement/practise?