Emancipatory Education and the Aspiration to Enlighten Others

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What is the role of knowledgeproduction and knowledgetransfer in activist networks? To what extent does it makes sense to establish structures of autonomous education and what are the differences with respect to institutionalized education?

Do we claim to contribute to emancipation while informing others for instance on critique of domination? Could this claim to contribute to emancipation pose any problems?

We would be interested in contributions for example about emanzipatory pedagogy in theory and practice; about the question of accessibility to autonomous education structures (who feels welcome? Which "user groups" have access to autonomous spaces or know about them?; are there forms of ghettoization re-producing the ivory tower inside social movements? Which are the differences between knowledge production in academia and in activism - and what are the related frameworks with respect to ressources (time, money, infrustructure, etc. )? Which forms of exchange and cooperation can we establish and enhance between knowledgeproduction in academia and activismn?

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