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In Search of Worthwhile Moral Dialogues......Sunday Morning
ADOPTER(S) Matt & ???
FACILITATOR(S) it would be good to identify facilitators in advance! enter names here

I want to explore the idea of 'morality' and ask why we seem so uncomfortable with it: Why we struggle to accept our moral failings, or to even explore openly our ethical beliefs. Why do we make the moral decisions we make? Why do we talk about 'moralising' in a negative way, when we so often do it? Why do so many anarchists fall for the liberal fallacy of believing in moral neutrality? Why is morality such a non-issue, when it is inextricably linked to just about everything we do? And why do we find it so hard to discuss our moral lives without defenciveness bordering on aggression?

How can we create a culture - of methods and environments - where self-criticism and criticism of each other is welcomed, not denied. How can we ask questions about ourselves without either erecting an emotional defence against such challenges or destroying ourselves with guilt and doubt? This isn't something that is often discussed

I think i want to start this session with a brief exploration of ethics and go on to look at some of the examples that have given rise to my interest in this... Ultimately I'm interested in hearing other people's take on the matter.

If anyone else is interested in helping with this session, add stuff here or speak to me at the Lab.