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update: does not seem to take place...

At the 3rd k-lab some people from Lancaster offered to organise a 5th KnowledgeLab on green-black issues in late winter06-07/early spring 2007.

The GreenClassRoom

winter/spring 2006, Lancaster

What roles can education, theories and knowledges play in green revolutionary struggles?

They are essential tools for resistance, thus must be contested as they are currently manifested and explored as routes to emancipation.

We want to focus on the role of ecology in our common struggle by exploring its relationships to class, gender, race, technology and other areas of resistance.

We invite you to contribute to this weekend of discussion and action. Add ideas to the wiki webpage!

Why a k-lab on green-black issues?

Whatever societal forms we imagine and fight for, humans ultimately live on and off their environment (?). "Nature" poses restrictions as well as chances. If the "eco-system" turns not liveable for humans anymore, then conscious anarchism might also die.

Ideas of a better society need not only be decribed in terms of social and economic characteristics, but also in terms of how humans in this society and socity as a whole connects to earth (out there) or actually dwells in the global environmental sphere.

The ThirdKnowledgeLab also pointed to the problem, that to care for ourselves we need resources and retreats. "Nature" can be a resource, an inspiration, ...

Thus, we need to think and act together taking into account that "nature" is not self-evidently available for "us". We should think about how humans should deal with the environment and how we can change how humans make use of and approach "nature".

Ideas concerning better Self-Organisation - Reflecting on the 4th KnowledgeLab

Post feedback and constructive critique from earlier KnowledgeLabs here.

Some first ideas for Aims and Methods of such a Green/black KnowledgeLab?

* examples of and practicing green anarchism?
* bringing together theoretical bodies to discuss green-black ideas and issues
* experimenting with lots of forms how we can relate to "nature" (theories, arts, practices, ...)
* permaculture
* ecopsychology

Suggested Topics for a Green/black KnowledgeLab

* post your ideas here!