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Making Global Civil Society A weekend gathering for collective reflection amongst activists and academics. November 4, 5 & 6 - 2005. Lancaster University, North West England.

Hack the KNowledge Lab Information Technology and Social Organisation A weekend gathering for collaborative and creative reflection. February 3, 4 & 5 - 2006. Lancaster University, North West England.

Finding Lancaster and the venue for the gathering

Get in touch ASAP if you need free accomodation or have other special needs: n.moeller AT

The gathering takes place in the 'Institute for Advanced Studies': [Number 17 on this map]. Upon arrival at campus go to Alexandra Square, which, if you come by bus, is just up the stairs. Alex Square is in the middle of campus and two "spines" extend in the directions north and south away from the square. Take the "north spine", walk past Faraday Lecture Theatre (on you right) and the Conference Centre (on your left) and then you cannot miss it: a huge sign that reads "INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED STUDIES". Then just walk right in and you have arrived. It is in the *OLD* Cartmel College building (as you will see, Lancaster campus is a permanent PFI construction site, so things are changing accordingly). Call 07906 709 487 if you get lost!


University's travel page

Maps provided by the University

Official Tourist Information site

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