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Here are some reflections, comments and suggestions from the 4th Klab on "how do we know". these points are collected and only slightly changed from the final session of the 4th k-lab. hence, they are just what they are: statements reflecting some of the impressions, etc. we should make use of them for further k-labs.

  • workshop descriptions should be clearer. the person did not feel confident enough (in the session) to say how the workshop was prroblematic.
  • we should use time better: we lost an hour by satrting too late.
  • self-organising: we could have a wall showing the time/space frame of the k-lab. then everybody should participate in filling the spaces. the 4th k-lab's organisation load was not enough evenly distributed. next time participants of the k-lab should take an actiove role in shaping the programme. participants could take self-initiative and not wait for a programme from above. this requires that information are given to people.
  • we should have an introduction about "how to self-organise"
  • facilitation needs to take place (differently): people felt not enough chances to talk.
  • suggestion: realistic time table and clarify expectations.
  • 3 days better than 2 days.
  • this k-lab was too academic, too little action
  • it's great that the k-lab moved beyond Lancaster
  • we need to get more people to the k-lab.