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Follow-up from the land and community workshop

following out of land and community workshop - was there a follow up session? those interested in (local), temporary and permanent (permaculture) spaces and their role in building/ sustaining /generating movement capacity, and nice stories of peoples projects, should look at papers webmounted here (a project i was involved with a couple of years ago comparing/ contrasting activist communities- also this was a longitudinal study)

for a case study of local activism and impact of local 'geography', social and cultural etc impacts see ch 5 of my webmounted phd (oh I cant find the weblink for my phd, email me or laurence cox has refs too :-) )

for welsh sustainable developlment issues/ overviews do a google for key words SCEnE, Wales, sustainable developmentm bangor uni ( SCENE is another project i used to work on) and/ or email me lovely to meet /see you all again- alex

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Hey Alex et al

No, the followup Land and Community session never did happen.

Thanks to everyone who came to the main L&C session, I enjoyed it a lot.

I for one would be happy to get together sometime to talk more about such things - I don't think this will be scheduled at Knowledge Lab 2, but maybe at 3 or 4, especially if we decide to give one of them a Human Rights focus.

I would recommend the chapter 7 website here (even though it hasn't been updated for a long time and so doesn't include recent caselaw) as a place to start for practical info on the legalities of the sorts of places Alex and I were talking about.

A slightly more recent factual summary of the effect of ECHR article 8 (right to respect for the home) on planning law can be found here:

Looking forward to seeing some of you back here in sunny Lancaster in February...