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Making Global Civil Society: Grassroots Practice and Academic Theory of Globalisation from Below.

A weekend gathering for collective reflection amongst activists and academics. November 4, 5 & 6 - 2005.

Lancaster University, North West England.

SATURDAY 15:00 - 17:00

This session will include the following presentations:

  • Local-Global Organising: A Philosophical Argument (bluegreenearth, Ireland) [.pdf file]
  • Land Matters: Experiences and Hopes of Community Building (Landmatters, Devon) [.pdf file]
  • Planning, human rights, and sustainable communities (Mike Hannis) [.pdf file]
  • Radical Communities: Remembering the Road Protest Camps (tbc) [.pdf file]

CALL TO WEBMOUNT URL LINKS HERE - see eg FOR ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE/ DWELLINGS/CAMPS/ SQUATS/COMMUNAL LIVING/ ALT TECH ETC ETC PROJECTS please webmount good URLs esepcially ones with pictures which have egs of alternative (temporary, long term) communal and alternative living so there is an online resource to help shape the session. types of spaces/ projects etc i will try to rattle through include:

  • 1) squats (and squatted social centres (eg Aspire)
  • 2) land squats for protests (roads protests, crop squats)- life on the frontline (i cant help thinking about how during the recent Blackwood roads protest the FIT team filmed me cooking macaroni cheese for my daughter on a camp fire for twenty minutes...)
  • 3) protest temporary autonomous zones generally eg Twyford, Newbury, eco village @ Stirling
  • 4) travelling/ travellers sites
  • 5) housing co ops
  • 6) land co ops (including permaculture cimmunity projects)
  • 7) alt tech (communal ventures or one- offs)
  • 8) online open space as alternative communities??? or is this too much like postmodern geography gone mad, man....
  • 9) other

please hyperlink with a bit of info into the follwoing categories and feel free to add others. nb my data/ examples will be mostly UK based so it would be great to have more egs from other countires, eg no border camps, activist spaces @ genoa, etc.