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Proposal for a handbook on action research

hi all (apols for novice wiki formatting- please can someone hyperlink this and make the text look tidy behind a link. (done - ion) or show me how it is done so i can compete in the knowledge market place properly, man! (joke)) still assimilating last weekend! and looking forward to reading the feedback already coming out of it all. so much to say. a good convergence :-)

a handbook for action research- top tips for engaged researchers' project looks very on the cards- anyone jighly keen to get ionvolved with this re ncontributions get in touch with me. i have notes towards an open source methods book proposal (themes, chapter headers).

also my methods MA (practising partisan engaged "insider" research )available as a resource

for 'personal is political' issues re living in activist communities and sustaining action over time, see ch4 of my phd. ((oh I cant find the weblink for my phd, email me or laurence cox has refs too :-) )) and also webmounted papers [[1]] for these themes too and do a webreacr h for mike duckett who has just completed his thesis on similar themes and is circulating copies - and is another activist/ academic